MANUAL FOR dsEventCalendar FREE / PRO

Create calendar

  1. Go to Calendar List
  2. Click on Add calendar
  1. Enter Calendar title
  2. Click Add calendar
  3. After success click on Calendars list or Return to calendar list

Manage calendars

  1. Go to Calendar list
  2. Choose Edit for edit or Delete to remove calendar with all events

Create new type of event

  1. Go to Type of events
  2. Enter type name and color
  3. Click Add type

Manage event types

  1. Go to Type of events
  2. Choose option -> Edit or Delete

Add event

  1. Go to Add / edit event
  2. Fill required (*) values
  3. Choose info type - with description or URL -> redirect after click on calendar
  4. Choose type -> multiday or one day with time
  5. Choose event type -> color
  6. Write description
  7. Click on Add event

Add event - event types

  1. Choose event type - full day or with time (one day)
  2. After choose get date from date picker or time from time picker

Manage events

  1. Go to Calendar list or Events list
  2. Click Show events
  3. Change month or view

Edit event - update or remove

  1. Go to event list
  2. Click on event on calendar
  3. Change informations
  4. Click on Update or Remove on bottom to update information or remove event

Edit event - change date

  1. You can use drag & drop to change date (you can't change between more than 2 months). If you want move to prev or next month you have to:
    1. Drag and drop event when first of last will be on prev or next month
    2. Go to prev or next month
    3. Drag and drop for new date
  2. You can change lenght of events by go cursor on begin or end of event. When cursor change look as on image, you can hold left click and move to left or right side for change length.

Multiple managment - PRO Version

Copy Mode

  1. Click on Active Copy Mode
  2. Drag and drop event to new date
  3. After work - disable mode for deactive mode

Remove mode:

  1. Click on Activate Remove mode
  2. Confirm remove
  3. After work - disable mode for deactive mode


  1. Go to Settings
  2. After change, click on Update settings on end of list

Add block

  1. Go to page
  2. Enter into Edit mode
  3. Click on Area
  4. Click on Add block
  5. Choose block type

Free version has only 1 type. Pro version has 3 types: calendar as free version, Google Calendar and List of events

Configure block

  1. Select calendar
  2. Select language
  3. Select type of event to display
    • Free version can choose between all or 1 type ; Pro version can chose more than 1 type of event
  4. Click on add
  5. Publish page

Configure block - list of events

  1. Choose how many event you want to display on list (0 - only today events)