The simplest way to create and manage events for Concrete 5.


Multiview in calendar

You can change view of calendar. Available views are: day (agenda), week and month.

Day (agenda)
Best with many events in one day
Best if you will plan something in week
Overview for whole month

Multiday events

You can set start and end time for event.

Set start date
Choose, when event start
Set end date
Choose, when event end

Start and end time for 1-day event

Choose when event will start and end
Agend view
Nice agend view to show time and duration of event

Pretty modal

Nice modal with all informations.

You can see start and end time of event
You can see type by color (PRO feature)
You can see description of event - plain text (free) or HTML (pro)

Easy managment for events

Calendar view
You can see all events on calendar - easy to manage
Drag and drop
Just drag and drop event to change date for event
Resize event
Resize multiday event to change days range. Resize 1-day event to change duration time

Create type of event (colors)

You can create any type of event and assign color to them. Make your calendar colorful!

Use datepicker to choose color

Customize date / time format

You can customize date and time format as you want

Date and time format
You can create date or time format as you want

Support Google Calendar

You can add your Google Calendar to dsEventCalendar and display on site

Share with another
It is easy way to share calendar with another people
You can customize text and background color for Google Calendar events

List of incoming events

You can add different block to display your event - list. List view is smaller and more gently than big calendar.

List view
Set how many events should display on list
Colors on list view
Each event has color type - if has been defined
Date and time on list view
Each event show date and time for each of one. Date and time format are set in settings

Multi copy and remove events

Easy way to faster copy (clone) or remove existing events

Copy Mode
Click on Copy Mode to make clone of current event on another day by drag and drop
Remove Mode
Click on Remove Mode to remove event faster